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Roofers are defined as the individual whose task is to construct, design and install roofs on the buildings top and also to mend or repair any damage or destruction occurred to it. Hence roofers are individuals with specializations in roof designing and above all its maintenance, design and construction.

        Different ways of roof designing

Roof designing comprises of different types and so these roofers come with a specialization in each of the designing aspect. There are different materials to be installed on the roof and these roofers have specialization in their installation. Roof installation has traditional as well as modern approach. Traditional way of roofing includes the use of mud, hay, rice straw, wheat straw, bamboo stick, stones, sea grass.Modern approach deals with using strong roofing materials like cement or concrete, copper, aluminium, galvanised steel or copper, asbestos , roof tiles and many more.

         Types of roofers

Roofers may be able to work with all materials, able to perform carpentry skills, have unique designing skills and to add this must be able to work under adverse situation. As installation of roof is not an easy task so these roofers needs to be skilled and determined to do such hard task.

Roofers are mainly of four different types these are listed as:

1.  Single roofers– Shingle roofers are one who mainly install shingle, marbles, tiles, and different stone type products on roof top with pitches of 5:12 or within this range which can be slightly greater or lesser than this.

2.       Metal roofer– Metals are the good conductors and so is used on the roof top metal roofer are one who uses these metal plates on the roof.

3.       Single-ply roofers– These roofers as the name suggest are one who uses roofs like single-ply or roofs made of foam. These roofing stylesare not so durable and water resistant.

4.     Hot roofers– Hot roofers uses hot base material which are generally tars. These are very unusual or not so common approach of designing a roof by the roofers and so these roofers are rarely available in the market. These roofing styles are required by the companies and higher official buildings.


Thus this was all about the roofers and their roofing style. With increasing trend and modernization roofers are in great demand and trend is to design unique roof.Now a days roofers are in great demand as laying roof is a tough risky and above all an important task. Roofing now-a-days comprises of waterproofing, absorption proof and this adds to the complexity of the roofers. As earlier waterproofing and solar absorption proof was not in trend. Some of these materials to be installed or layered on the roofs will be discussed below, but before that lets us lay more stress on roofers.


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