Thursday 23 May 2019


Choosing an impact sprinkler no longer needs to be a hard thing to do, we will guide you on everything you need to know about the properties and performance of these sprinklers. The Rain bird 65PJ is an amazing 1 impact sprinkler you should consider investing in. It has great qualities that should lure you to it. Your garden will flourish under the care of this sprinkler.

Properties of the Rain Bird 65PJ 1 impact sprinkler

Made of stainless steel and brass

The springs and fulcrum pin are made of stainless steel.  The rest of the sprinkler is made of brass. This makes it a durable 1 impact sprinkler in the market today. The sprinkler is exposed to water and oxygen and if the material used is of poor quality, it is likely to rust. This is why this is an ideal sprinkler for you.

Chemical resistant

The washers in this sprinkler are chemical resistance. It is easy for gardening tools and implements to come in contact with chemicals. A tool that can resist the effects of this exposure is the one you should go for.

4 nozzles

This means you will be able to water your plants and lawn in a short time since the amount of water released by this sprinkler is enough to water a large area in a short time. This makes this one of the most efficient and effective sprinklers for you to use.

Offers you the option of full or part cycle

This sprinkler can be used to water your whole garden or lawn or part of it depending on absorption level of soil and exposure to the heat from the sun. If part of your lawn or garden is under shade. That area may not need as much watering as the area that has no shade. This feature allows you to save on water since you will only water the area that needs to be watered.

Benefit s of using the Rain Bird 65PJ 1 impact sprinkler

Reduced splashing

The PJ arm on this sprinkler reduces wastages that are experienced when your sprinkler splashes. This arm is well fitted to ensure all the water released in necessary for your garden and lawn.


This sprinkler was built with you in mind. It is not about making money by constructing something that will need replacing in a few months. This sprinkler cannot corrode easily. If you buy this sprinkler, it will serve you for a very long time.

Although you will find many 1 impact sprinklers when you go shopping for your sprinkler, the Blue Bird 65PJ is definitely a market leader you should think of when selecting one for your garden or lawn.


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