Wednesday 19 June 2019

Practical Tips From Veteran Locksmiths To Make Your Home Secure

A popular locksmith thinks that a few more contributing factors that lead to a home getting robbed. Some of them are:

  • Lack of security in the garage and tool shed
  • Lack of advanced security measures
  • Lack of common sense if one puts it in a subtle way.

The following section sheds some light on some practical tips coming from veteran locksmiths that will make it hard for a burglar to enter your property:

Make sure that your garage/tool shed is secured and sealed shut

Your garage and your tool shed are meant for your car, storage, and for tools right? Why you need to secure them before you head out, you ask? Well, the contents in these sections of your property might seem insignificant to the untrained eye but that is not the case for a trained burglar. These places might contain the necessary tools a burglar might need to break into your home. Possible tools and equipment that can help a burglar to get inside your house under a minute are:

  • power tools
  • ladders
  • crowbars
  • spanners and
  • screwdrivers

A ladder can enable the burglar to reach your roof and get inside your home through the attic, a crowbar can be used to pry open your main door by getting it off the hinges. Similarly, screwdrivers can be sued as a potential lockpick if it falls in the hands of a trained robber – get the point?

When you leave your home for work or for a holiday, keep keys to critical places out of sight

Be sure that you leave your car keys or keys to critical places of your home hidden. There have been cases when a robber simply reached for the car keys through the opening of a letterbox and drove away in the car. Later, when police came, they were unable to pinpoint the perpetrator since there were no signs of forced entry leading the case to a dead end. On the other note, make sure that your letterbox has means to block the view of your home from the outside. It is best to install a letterbox that has brushes in the letter opening – it is an ingenious way to keep your home’s interior view from prying eyes.

Be sure to install motion detectors and automatic lights in your premises

Be sure to install a motion detector and automatic lights on the outside of your home. It is recommended to do so especially for those places in your property that are poorly lit. Motion detection and automatic lights is a major hurdle even for a trained burglar. Be sure that you buy motion sensor lighting whose sensors are strong and is capable of detecting even the slightest movement.

With the advent of the internet came its many delights. One of them is social media which, as it seems, people can’t get enough of. Social media has its many perks but using it for showcasing your entire life can often lead to your home getting robbed. The most important tip put forth by locksmiths is to refrain from publishing everything on social media. Thieves and criminals are known to scour social media channels for clues that help them to zero in on their next victim. Be vigilant and be aware of this fact.


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