Thursday 23 May 2019

Pick The Best Chalk Paint For Painting Your Furniture

There are several types of chalk paint which can be sourced from the market. But the process of selecting the right chalk paint can be a little tricky as the paint should suit the purpose significantly. From the given paint brands one can choose the paint type which is best for their use.

The top chalk paint brands

One among the best chalk paint brands is Chalky Chicks. While this is a small company the thin paint layer it offers is very effective and it can be applied with a paint gun or with a roller. Still it is thicker compared to other paints and it can be applied directly applied without the need for primer. This paint is easy to apply and it does not have any kind of odour attached to it. The coverage of the paint is really good and the distress part is also smooth. This paint will take lesser time to get dried up after application. To ensure the paint stays long it is better to give a wax coating on top of it. This will help in giving the look the user wants. One other branded paint is the Home Decor chalk paint from FolkArt. This paint is basically an acrylic paint that is water-based. It will dry up fast and the desired layer can be achieved where the expected look and feel can be achieved. This chalk paint will not need any kind of primer on it and there is also no stripping essential here. It can be applied on walls, cabinets apart from furniture and can even be used for metals, glass and ceramic too.

Other Options

There are other brands in the market like the Renaissance Chalk Finish Paint. In fact this paint is one of the top-quality paints in the market. This is because the company is primarily in dealing with furniture. With this paint the furniture will get a glossy look which will also suit the contemporary style. In case the antique look is needed then this chalk paint with the right distressing will give that old look everyone craves for. You can also click here to know how it works. Since this paint is environment friendly there are no chemicals in it. Due to this fact it is even safe for the indoor use. It will also provide good coverage and the expected finish can be attained with either one of two coats. There is the option of going with Rust-Oleum Chalked paint. This paint has the advantage of cleaning with soap and water and the drying time is also less in this. In fact this paint will need only one coating for getting that matte look on furniture, ceramic and metals too.


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