Monday 15 July 2019

How To Make Your Home Secure With The Chainwire Fencing

How To Make Your Home Secure With The Chainwire Fencing

Ever thought about the security of your home? Home is a place where all family members live together sharing their phases of life. Don’t you think this home should always stay safe from all the threats?

Dangers may enter from any corners of the surrounding. It’s always better to keep your home safe from all the threats with chainwire fencing.

What is chainwire fencing?

It’s a type of fencing in which wires are woven into diamond shapes, and posts are used to support the fence. Posts are planted in a consecutive way around the periphery of boundaries. Chain wire or mesh are attached to the posts, starting from the corner post it passes through the intermediate posts to connect with the main Gate. It protects your home, family, pets, property from external threats and saves your privacy from your surrounding. Although It comes with a predetermined specification from the manufacturer, you can customize its foundation to give full home security.

chainwire fencing

Here is how to make your home secure with chainwire fencing:

  • Use of short concrete or brick wall 

For a long-lasting fence, base support will help you to keep its existence. Making a short concrete or brick wall will maintain the fence bottom firmly. If you already have a peripheral short wall, use it as a base to the fence.

  • Addition of the coil to the bottom of the fence 

Most of the time people neglect the bottom of fence results is the removal of fencing wire from the bottom. Adding coils to the bottom of the fence makes it more stable and protect your home from harsh weather.

  • Use of razor wire or rolled the barbed wire 

Razor wires are made of the sharp razor, while rolled barbed wires are made of pointed barbs. These are places at a certain interval on the top of a fence to restrict any unwanted dangers over the fence. If you need very high security,  try attaching it to an electric connection.

  • Increasing the fencing height 

Small height will not help you to provide adequate protection, while too large height will make your home look like a prison. Choose an adequate height to reflect your fence as a protection, and make sure you choose a fencing height that perfectly matches with the height of your gate. If you need to increase fencing height replace the posts with suitable height posts.

  • Use of PVC coating for extra protection 

Wires are made of galvanized steel to attain more strength and durability.

You can choose to have extra protection against harsh weather with a PVC coating on the fencing wires. PVC coating helps to protect galvanized steel by restraining external environment to get contact with fencing material.

Fencing has been using as a safety measures since a long, but still many people are not aware of its undeniable benefits. Scrutinize the need of you and your family to come up with a perfect plan of fencing. Chainwire fencing is a great way to make your home secure with a stunning aesthetic look but make sure you’re not overdoing it.


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