Wednesday 19 June 2019

How to evaluate a maid for your home services

If you are a resident of Mumbai and are looking for maid services in Mumbai, you can look for a full time maid in Mumbai from a maid agency in Mumbai. If we assume that you have got the contact information of a potential maid for your home, here are a few pointers that will help you in selecting her for employment in your household.

Proficiency with services

At the very outset, ask her to come over during normal working hours on a day that you are at home. There will be a list of tasks that you expect her to do for her salary. She, undoubtedly, will have to be proficient in those areas. See if she is adept in cooking the various dishes you are fond of, and also check how good she is at washing and drying clothes. A lot of maids will not wash clothes if there is no washing machine in the household, so be clear with her on this aspect at the outset. Ensure that she can meet your expectations and work with the highest efficiency in regards to your set of tasks.

Your Budget

According to the amount of time and the kinds of services she is required to perform at your place, an experienced maid can easily command a salary in the range of INR 8000-INR 10000 per month. This charge is based on the different tasks they are tasked with carrying out and the amount of time taken for them to do so. You also have to keep in mind that housemaid require at least 2 days each month as leave to visit their families or do personal work.

The work experience

Experienced maids will logically cost you more money. However it is worth it because what they achieve in a few short hours is equal to or more than what an inexperienced maid will do in the full working time. In case you do not have an efficient maid, chances are that your office meal is not in the dabba but in the office canteen! Inexperienced maids also run the risk of damaging fragile utensils while cleaning them or breaking d├ęcor pieces when they do the house cleaning.


There should be no compromise on the hygiene of the maid working. If you see that she is unhygienic, simply terminate her services there and then, this is because no amount of training or yelling is going to rid her of ingrained unhygienic practices. And if there are babies or small children at home, the risk of catching an infection rises exponentially.


In a city like Mumbai where every second counts, it is imperative that you maid is punctual at all times. This includes arriving at your place at the appointed hour and also leaving in the decided set time so as not to be a hindrance to your personal activities.

Before you hire the maid, be sure that there is thorough background check conducted and her records examined for any signs of trouble in the past. This simple measure will go a long way in buying you peace of mind and tranquility, knowing that the welfare of the home is in capable hands.


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