Wednesday 24 April 2019

As with all appliances and devices, it is always advisable to go for the best. The same is applicable to a Power strip, in order to be assured of the best services and maximum utility, you must always go for the bestPower Strips. This article is aimed at outlining the features of a good surge suppressor. The features include:

  • Build: A good surge suppressor must be made with flame resistant materials, due to the fact that the device is designed to deal with high electrical currents. If the device is not made with fire resistant materials, a power surge may cause the power strip to get burnt and this is bad for your electronic devices as it does not ensure the full functionality of the surge suppressor. When shopping for a surge suppressor, be sure to check that it is made of good fire resistant material, in order to gain the best out of it.

  • The availability of multiple sockets: The higher the amount of sockets present in your surge suppressor, the better for you, because this creates the opportunity for you to connect more devices and keep them protected. So when planning to buy a surge suppressor, be sure to check for the amount of sockets available in the device.
  • ETL and FCC Certification: When buying a surge protector, make sure you check to be sure that it has the ETL mark and that it is FCC Certified. The ETL mark shows that the device is officially approved to be used in North American regions and it serves as proof that the product is original and that it meets all ETL guidelines and regulations. On the other hand, the FCC certification, also known as Federal Communications Commission certificate, is proof that the device has low electromagnetic interference, thus making it safe for use.
  • Power Cord Length: Another important factor best Power Strips to consider is the length of the power cord. Different surge suppressors come with a wide range of power cord lengths, and the longer the power cord, the more comfortable the device, as it allows you to stretch the surge suppressor to a long position, thus enabling mobility when using the device.


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