Saturday 16 February 2019

Dry or Steam Carpet Cleaning: Which gives best results?

Carpet cleaning is a must if you want to keep your house clean and dust free. A carpet undoubtedly looks elegant on your floor, but it also houses many dust mites, allergens, fungus, bacteria and deep dirt within. Also, the visible stains and grease cannot be wiped easily because it gets accumulated in the carpet.

There are many carpet steam cleaning in melbourne, but the two most popular ones are steam carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning. So, the question arises, which option is more economical and has better results. Both the methods have their pros and cons, so at this moment we compare both alternatives to conclude.

Dry or steam carpet cleaning?

Talking about steam cleaning, it is also known as deep cleaning because it reaches the deepest layers of the carpet and removes 99% of the bacteria and dirt which is accumulated there. Therefore, it does not just make it look clean from the outside but also make it fresh from inside. The process of cleaning the carpet with steam is also known as hot water extraction because hot water is forced into the carpet through a high-pressure jet spray and then that water is extracted immediately through a vacuum. Best carpet steam cleaning can only be done when a detergent is mixed with the hot water.

The process of steam carpet cleaning

  • All the dirt in the carpet is vacuumed out, and any stain is treated with a cleaning agent.
  • Hot water along with detergent is penetrated the carpet. This hot water helps to dissolve all the grease and tough stains in deep layers unlike dry-cleaning method which cleans the top layers
  • After that, the water is extracted immediately through a vacuum.

The high level of heat created by steam method helps in eliminating fungi, germs, and bacteria which cannot be done by dry cleaning. This means that you can get rid of all the allergies as your carpet would be left sanitised and fresh. It is excellent for houses which have babies as they would not catch any allergy and would not be exposed to any chemical treatment. The steam method also helps your carpet to last longer as no damage is done in the process and no chemicals are used. It is also an economical option as compared to the dry-cleaning method.

When opting for steam carpet cleaning, it may take some time to dry out depending on its thickness. Another reason to opt for this option is its eco-friendly nature. As no chemicals are used in this process, it does not harm nature and is also safe for people who are concerned about exposure to any chemical. It is more of a natural process which would maintain a healthy environment in your house.

Moving over to dry carpet cleaning, this method does not clean the thick layers of the carpet. So as a result, a lot of dust and mud keeps accumulating inside it which after that attracts a lot more dirt in the long run. However, the carpet dries very quickly in the process of dry cleaning and can be walked over, minutes after cleaning. Also, there is no chance of any moisture being left in the carpet. Dry cleaning requires treatment with strong chemicals which may clean the carpet entirely but can also be harmful to your family, especially the children. The chemical procedure may also produce an offensive odour for quite some days which would not be liked by people visiting your house. The chemicals used in the system would also damage your carpet which as a result would decrease its life. Also, dry cleaning does not disinfect your carpet like the steam method. It just makes an illusion of carpet looking cleaner and fresh. In this fast-paced life, people opt for dry cleaning method because they don’t want to wait for the carpet to dry. What they do not understand is its sinful nature which affects the house’s environment and damages the carpets.

Decision is yours

Your carpet accentuates the beauty of your house, so the decision to clean it should be made wisely if you want to increase its life. Steam cleaning is a tried and tested method which has been even used by our ancestors. So, if you have time to let the carpet dry for few hours, then steam cleaning is the best option for you. However, the result achieved depends on the technician doing the process and the types of equipment used by him. The amount of water used in cleaning may also vary the results. There would be many companies offering carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne, but all of them would use different methods and different types of equipment.


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