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The fridge; yes, it is our refuge when we are having night cravings, if we are thirsty and looking for food after a whole day in school or just got out of work but did you know that there are different types of refrigerator which also has different types of uses? In this article we will share to you this so that you will know what kind of refrigerator you got in your house and if you are planning to buy one, you can now determine which suits your needs.

As we all know, the refrigerator is one of the very few appliances in our house that gets to be used more often; your top guess which appliance is used frequently would be the television. You guessed it right but the refrigerator functions in many ways that most of us do not know yet that is why we should know that there are actually a lot of different types of refrigerators and selecting the right one will not just save you in your electricity bills, but you can also maximize its features and other uses.

Before we proceed with the topic, you should learn that a fridge must be able to serve you in a lot of aspects like space, its price, and other factors.

A lot of top electronic and appliance brands nowadays develops and designs refrigerators that provide you the different functions from different types of it one piece but still a lot of people still purchase the conventional ones that only has one function or feature for a sole purpose.

There are several factors you should consider when you are looking for a fridge and you should always prioritize its features. Refrigerators should not just keep chill or freeze your food but instead, it should help preserve what’s inside it and keep it consumable for days and even weeks and also make sure that your fridge follows environmental standards because before, refrigerator manufacturers were criticized for using coolant substances that emits greenhouse gasses that damages our atmosphere.

Back to our main topic, here is your guide for the different types of refrigerators and freezers.

  • TOP MOUNT- This type of refrigerator has a separate door for a small freezer on the top portion while the larger door is for the refrigerator itself which has enough space to store different food item. This is the traditional design of refrigerators that are typically used for household purposes. Its typical size is 30 to 33-inches wide with a capacity of about 22-cubic feet while there are some variety of it that is bigger and spacious. It is considered as the most economical and has the lowest cost among refrigerator types available in the market. The only downside of this refrigerator is that you have to bend down when you want to get something in the refrigerator since it is located below the freezer while the vegetable and fruit crispers are often located at the bottom most part of the fridge and if have back problems, for sure this will give you difficult time to deal with.
  • BOTTOM MOUNT- Unlike the top mount fridge, this one is a complete opposite because the freezer is located at the bottom while the refrigerator or chiller is at the top. It is also bigger than the top mount since its average size is 36-inches and above whiles it has a bigger capacity of 30-cubic feet. What makes it distinctive compared to the traditional top mount refrigerator is its freezer because it comes with a pull-out design drawer. You won’t have difficulties using this because the fridge is located above, and you don’t have to bend down, and its freezer can store more than the top mount. The only downside of this type of fridge is that you have to bend down when you want to get something from the freezer.
  • FRENCH DOOR- Commonly known as the café fridge, this has two doors that has a large unpartitioned space above it. The freezer meanwhile, is located at the bottom of it. Compared to the two types mentioned above, it has a relatively large space capacity of more than 30-cubic feet

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