Monday 15 July 2019

Dewalt 20V Sawzall XR review – What You Need To Know

Dewalt launched a new line of 20V Sawzall XR power tools. This platform is designed to perfectly combine compact comfort with powerful industrial power and, frankly, does just that. These 20V Sawzall XR power tools are surprisingly compact and also have a considerably impressive power. Among the new instruments issued on this platform, there is 20V Sawzall XR from Dewalt, to tell your friends.

Easy to use

For starters, this tool is surprisingly easy to use. The saw weighs around 7 pounds, which allows operators to use and maneuver the tool more easily and encouraging results, which are generally cleaner and more accurate. Of course, the light weight of the saw is also particularly useful during advanced, uncomfortable or aerial applications, which are often presented with a jigsaw. Due to the fact that the instrument also has a comfortable grip of high strength rubber, users enjoy convenient handling and optimal control over each slice and again by the tool.

Compact and comfortable

Then, the saw is compact and comfortable, but it can also remove the soot from everything you need to cut. Its 1-1 / 8 inch stroke length allows extremely fast cutting speed and with a switch at a controlled speed of 0 to 3500 SPM (strokes per minute), the tool provides great versatility, improved control of the blade, softer and more than an aggressive cutting speed.

It was also seen equipped with a 4-way clamping blades, greatly improving its positional versatility and possible flash cuts. For convenience, this system also allows users to make quick and simple changes without changing the tool. The adjustable rotating saw shoes further extend the life of each used blade, and also allow operators to monitor and determine each depth of cut.

Dewalt 20V Sawzall XR review

High efficiency

In addition, to ensure that all these comforts and high efficiency are better protected, the internal component of the instrument is as intelligent as the elegant appearance of the instrument. In fact, the double seal shaft is resistant to external contamination and increases the overall durability of the tool. Oops! And, speaking of durability, 20V Sawzall XR supplies with a standard lithium-ion battery capacity of 3.0 Ah 20 V, one of the most efficient high performance batteries in the industry. This battery is compact and easy, it is effective and durable, and due to the general modifications of the battery style it contributes to the overall balance and ergonomic saws.

In general, this piston saw represents a real dose of power tools. By combining the best of today’s comfort and performance technology, including a 3-year limited warranty and 1-year contract for free service and a 90-day money back guarantee, 20V Sawzall XR, which is expected, It deserves a good reputation. The tool also includes (with a battery) a quick charger and a full box.


For more information on the Dewalt 20V Sawzall XR review, for the rest of the wireless network or access to power tools, woodworking machinery, accessories for industrial power tools and parts that keep them in the legs, visit their site. What can you do with a 20 V piston saw?


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