Monday 15 July 2019

Create your home garden with hydroponics

Create your home garden with hydroponics

Having a garden in your home can be a great relief if you live in a city or a densely populated residential area. The positive energy that you feel inside your home by having a lush grown garden is the most relaxing therapy you can ever find. To have a healthy and vibrant garden in your home, you’ll need to look after the growth of the plants carefully and nurture them at every stage. With modern horticulture techniques like hydroponics, you can achieve a hearty growth for your foliage.

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants fixed on a base of pebbles and continuously feeding nutrient-rich water solution through the bed. The nutrients are supplied in adequate proportions to ensure that each root receives the right amount of nourishment. This method helps plants to grow at a faster rate compared to a plant grown on the ground. Vegetables produced in this way at your home can be assured to be pesticide free and healthy.

To have a hydroponic garden you’ll require mechanisms to circulate the nutrient-rich water through the bed where the plants are fixed. You can use an electric pump to distribute the solution in and out of a reservoir. A miniature garden created in this way can easily beg placed in limited space thus ideal for having an excellent indoor garden. With different varieties of hydroponic systems available in the market, you can choose the ideal one for your home depending upon your preferred growth rate and price range for the setups. One of the important things to keep in mind is that if the water pumped into the roots are too much, it can restrict the roots from getting enough oxygen, so the precise balance needs to be obtained while circulating the solution.


With the right kind of equipment, you can make sure that your plants receive the proper amount of nutrient rich solution. In large-scale hydroponic farms the nutrients are obtained from duck manure or fish waste; however, at your home, you can make use of the nutrient solutions easily available at your local garden supply stores.

Some of the interesting advantages of having a hydroponic garden in your home are as follows.

-The plants grow with a higher growth rate compared to normally grown plants

-With this techniques, you can get a year-round production in case you wish to grow vegetables at your homes.

-With this technique pesticide usage is minimum thus the produces from the plants are of high quality and healthy.

-By circulating and recycling water, you are minimizing the amount of water used and reducing unnecessary wastages.

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